Our Company is a Partner of SUEZ Company, one of the largest Producers in the world operating in 5 continents and engaging in all cycles of water treatment from classic water treatment to all types of sewage treatment for any industry. Moreover, SUEZ Company is a Leader of membrane methods for raw material processing in food processing industry.

We are ready to offer SUEZ innovation solutions and technologies applied in hygiene and public health, urban comfort and different branches of industry in order to achieve effective and sustainable management of resources.


Our portfolio includes SUEZ chemical agents, equipment as well as best maintenance and support in class. SUEZ Company is able to complete even the most difficult tasks complying for this purpose with all requirements of environment protection, health and labor both by land and sea.

Modern digital technologies for production tasks monitoring, determination of required dosages of chemical agents and their application as well as on-line round-the-clock data supply are used in order to improve efficiency of the programs and products application of SUEZ Company.


Our team offers a wide range of packing and wrapping materials suitable for shipment of hazardous cargo in accordance with the UN requirements for different types of shipment and movement.

It is necessary to comply with the UN and IATA rules and safety standards established by them for ADR and DGR road and air transport and recognized by air companies and road carriers in the whole world in order to avoid irreversible effects during shipment of hazardous cargo.

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