Complex solutions package is offered to control flow, manage reliability and separate environments during upstream helping to decrease corrosion risk in all systems of production and transportation, decrease common operating costs and reduce volume of investments, optimize hydrocarbon production from reservoir beds, their pipeline transportation reducing scales and increasing flow through application of a range of chemicals produced by SUEZ:

• Inhibitors of (corrosion, scale, paraffin and etc.)
• Oxygen and hydrogen sulphide absorbents
• Dispersants and solvents
• Anti - agglomerates
• Foaming and antifoaming agents
• Reactants
• Biocides

Having applied SUEZ solutions, we offer to carry out necessary preparation of reservoir water whether it is to maintain a layer pressure, use when pumping a well or a layer hydrofracturing, discharge into the wells or use in potable water supply systems as well as improve health, safety and environment performances through application of the solutions for continuous protection, monitoring and responding on operating conditions.


We offer SUEZ solutions portfolio for downstream including chemicals for corrosion settling and protection, cleaning and separation, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions, water supply and collection system management tools/water reuse:

• Thermoflo is a high temperature antifoulant
• LoSALT neutralizing agents are revolutionary approach to pH management in ceiling systems of oil refinery plants
• FoamTrol and Max - Amine product ranges designed to reduce or exclude the foaming process
• Embreak is the oil chemical inhibitors
• The largest segment in the products range for phases’ separation is the emulsion breakers designed especially for desalting units and raw tanks treatment in the family of Embreak products
• Spec-Aid is the ready fuel additives
• ProSweet is the solutions for removal of hydrogen sulphide


We offer SUEZ solutions in order to provide effective development of electrical power plants taking into consideration consumption and supply with water and power resources. We offer technologies for water treatment and reuse as well as waste water treatment allowing our customers to operate with high efficiency and profit simultaneously reducing environmental impact:

• FuelSolvTM solutions for alternative fuels allowing coal - fired power plants to operate on low-grade coal, low-volatility fuel or crude oil for gas turbines
• A wide range of chemical treatment solutions including DusTreatTM and ScaleTrol for dust emission control reducing water consumption, controlling emissions and reducing the costs
• Chemical agents and solutions for control:
For cooling: enGard
For closed systems: OptiSperse, CorTrol and Steamate
• Biological filtration technologies and MetClearTM reactants removing heavy metals and improving waste water quality


Reactant treatment for recycling and boiler water as well as water-steam circuit treatment from SUEZ includes:

• Increase of system evaporation coefficient and costs reduction for makeup and blowdown water
• Increase of heat transmission and vacuum level due to effective scale inhibition
• Corrosion prevention (including copper-bearing alloys) and reduction of copper concentrations in waste waters
• Protection from microbiological fouling and shells
• Substitution of toxic agents applied such as hydrazine for organic oxygen absorbents


Modern air filters cannot provide one hundred percent protection from possible clogging in compressor section of the gas turbine unit (GTU) and as time goes on, enormous number of air absorbed by the unit may lead to settling of particulates containing in air and aggressive salts on compressor blades consequently may lead to decrease air flow, output power and heat efficiency (increase of specific heat consumption).

CleanBlade is an environmentally friendly and aqueous washing agent that is offered to wash axial flow compressor in the GTU during cold scroll produced by SUEZ in order to maintain preset modes of the GTU operation, protect electric energy generation equipment from clogging and corrosion i.e., to ensure stable operation of the GTU.


We offer to increase feasibility and profitability of the projects in mining applying SUEZ solutions that place environment and social responsibility at the forefront:

• Speed up physical and chemical water treatment using Densadeg®
• Standard pressure management and achievement of the objectives for water reuse
• Complex solution for removal of metals using MetClear products
• Revolutionary biological process – ABMet removing metals and inorganic substances from waste waters

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