SUEZ Company has a largest portfolio of technologies and solutions in water resources and technological processes covering whole chain of water supply, sewage water treatment and production processes maintaining clients all over the world that they can decrease impact on water resources and comply with the stricter technical and environment standards.

We will be glad to participate in new projects using SUEZ best technologies and global experience in designing, operation and maintenance of water treatment equipment and sewage water treatment plants for technical purposes as well as performance improvement for health, labor and environment protection with the use of solutions for continuous protection, monitoring and response to operating modes.

We can offer complete solutions package for water flow control and sewage using the principles of:
• ВОО (Build - Own - Operate) building, ownership title to operation for a stated term;
• ВОТ (Build - Own - Transfer) building, ownership title to operation for a stated term where a property is transferred to a customer after expiration term.


We offer SUEZ solutions portfolio including membranes, chemicals and equipment for effective operation of circulation water supply systems and steam generation systems (GTPP, RHEPP and HEP):

• 24/7 remote monitoring service for cooling cycles mode and steam generation systems using the newest platform: TrueSenseInSight
• Wide range of reverse osmosis membranes for water and wastewater treatment in any productions and electric power plants
• Reactant treatment for recycling and boiler water as well as water-steam circuit treatment
• Full automation of reverse cycles reactant treatment
• Equipment operation reliability growth and decrease its fault rate due to reduction of corrosion processes and scale deposition in water-steam circuit
• Cost reduction in steam production (increase of dry return interest, expense reduction for makeup water and spent fuel)
• Corrective treatment programs development, implementation and adjustment of water and chemical modes applying modern and effective chemical agents


We offer SUEZ solutions for water and wastewater treatment as well as solutions for raw material processing in food processing industry:

• Reverse osmosis systems and nanofiltration (desalination and demineralization)
• Ultrafiltration/microfiltration systems (pretreatment and water reuse)
• Electrodeionization units
• Membrane elements
• Cartridge filters
• Spare parts


Mobile Subdivision of SUEZ Company maintains a warranted quality and quantity of purified water within more than 40 years using the largest mobile unites fleet in the world allowing to the corporate customers to operate uninterruptedly regardless of existing situation.

Mobile units are offered in a form of compact modules in container or trailer performance for:
• Reverse osmosis
• Ultrafiltration
• Deionization
• Deairation
• Condensate clean-up
• Filtration
• Softening

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